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Integra Computing Scheme of Work

​​​Supporting teachers to develop computing skills and understanding


Welcome to the South Gloucestershire Computing scheme of work website. We can provide you with a computing scheme of work that covers curriculum requirements for all primary year groups and provides a clear progression in delivering the statutory computing programmes of study. The scheme is designed to be supportive and not prescriptive and links to other subjects in the school curriculum. It is designed to support delivery of the statutory KS1 and KS2 curriculum as well as providing appropriate activities to support reception learning linked to the early years outcomes. We have presented the scheme through an online site so that it can be regularly updated to take account of changes in technology and available resources.

The online safety strand of the primary scheme is freely available as we feel this is crucial for supporting safeguarding of children. We hope you will adapt and use the planning within your school. The rest of the scheme is available through subscribing to our scheme of work service. For information about this please visit our contact us page.

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 Features of our scheme

  • The computing skills are linked to other subjects in the curriculum.
  • There is medium term planning for all year groups from reception to year 6.
  • It is designed to save teachers planning time so that they can focus on becoming familiar with the teaching activities, concepts and resources.  
  • We have written sample programs in relevant software to support teachers with solutions and to provide debugging opportunities.
  • Each unit has associated resources gathered in one place including photographs, web links and help sheets.
  • Templates for activity sheets are provided which include the computing content and can be edited to suit different contexts.
  • The scheme is planned around resources that are either free or that are commonly available in schools.
  • Assessment grids and pupil self and peer assessment sheets are provided.
  • Created through consultation with teachers and ICT subject leaders.
  • It provides learning experiences that promote creativity, are not prescriptive and enable pupils to develop their computational thinking and reasoning skills.

Units of the primary scheme

Each primary unit includes planning for 6-8 lessons and resources to support this. The planning includes learning objectives, success criteria, activities, differentiated challenges and ways to share the learning. Assessment is supported by skills list,  assessment grids and pupil self-assessment materials. Units available are:

  • Programming - two units for each year group in which concepts are revisited over several units using different contexts in order to reinforce understanding develop transferrable skills. Extra units include two linked to use of Lego Wedo.
  • Data units - linked to the science and maths curricular
  • Impact of Technology 
  • Media - linked to the English and music curricular
  • Online safety resources - including our own planning and resources from the SWGfL Digital Literacy curriculum

EYFS Scheme

Each unit covers a broad theme and has suggested adult led activities linked to technology as well as suggestions for child initiated activities to be woven in where they are appropriate to your school curriculum. Units currently available for EYFS are:

  • Books and communication
  • Ourselves and people
  • Places and environment
  • Plants and animals
  • Building and construction
  • Machines and robots

For further information about introducing the scheme please visit our page on using the scheme.

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